September 22nd

start time 11:30

75-100 cows/bulls

Off Cow:

240) blk/strs/hfrs/500-600#

130) blk/strs/hfrs/no vacc/400-600#

90) blk/charX/strs/hfrs/vacc/500-600#*pending

68) blk/strs/hfrs/vacc/500-650#

65) blk/red/strs/hfrs/vacc/500-650#


load) mix/strs/850#

Sales Schedule:
September 22nd – Special Calf Sale
September 29th – Regular Sale
October 6th – Regular Sale
October 13th – Regular Sale
October 20th – Special Feeder Sale – Customer Appreciation Sale as well as a donation steer to be auctioned off for Quentin Morris and Jaleesa Shamburg
October 27th – Special Calf Sale
November 3rd – Special Calf Sale *tentatively – subject to change


Lasagna, garlic bread, salad

Cheeseburger, chips or salad


Black Forest Cake or Pumpkin Dump Cake

If you do have a consignment for cows/bulls or calves please call Rod at 785-545-6066 or the barn at 785-346-2351