February 1, 2023:

Start time 11:30 on weigh-ups


40)s/h/blk/long wean/2 rd vacc/7-800#

15)s/b/h/mix/weaned 2 wks/GO/5-700#

12)h/blk/long wean/500#

Off Cow:

15)s/h/blk/red/1 rd vacc/4-500#

Sale Schedule:

February 8th – Regular Sale

February 15th – Special Sale

February 22nd – Regular Sale

*Coming March 22nd – ALL BREEDS BULL SALE* – get your bulls consigned to get the information in the special supplement sheet!

If you have a consignment for cows/bulls or calves, please call Rod at 785-545-6066 or the barn at 785-346-2351